Cleaning Iron Plate Of Steam Iron

The Below Steps Are A Guide On Cleaning Iron Plate Of Steam Iron My Way.

Use The Below As A Guide And Be Careful.


When It Comes To Cleaning The Iron Plate Of My Steam Iron I Simply Do The Following Steps:

1. Get A Small Steady Bowl.

2. Boil The Kettle.

3. Let The Kettle Sit For 5 Minutes.

4. Fill The Bowl With The Warm Water.

5. Grab Myself A Dish Cloth.

6. Wet Part Of The Dish Cloth

7. Scrub Away At The Stains On The Steam Iron Soleplate.


Repeat Until Happy. Usually Just This Does The Trick.


If The Iron Plate Has Stains In The Steam Holes Then I:

8. Grab Some Cotton Buds.

9. Dip In The Warm Water.

10. Stroke Around The Iron Plate Holes.

11. Fill The Steam Iron With Fresh Water.

12. Turn On The Iron (Carefully Adults Only)

13. Start Steam Ironing A Clean Cloth Or Rag For A Couple Minutes.

14. Turn Off The Steam Iron And Let It Cool

15. When Cooled. Repeat Cleaning With Cotton Buds Until Happy.


If You Have Stubborn Stains And Want An In Depth Method Of Cleaning Iron Plate Of Steam Iron

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